Lunch Program

Mater Dei Catholic School will not be offering a Lunch Program for the 2020-2021 school year. 

  • Parents will be responsible for providing the morning snack for their children.
  • Soft pretzels will be not be available.  
  • The water fountains will not be in use. Students are to bring disposable water bottles from home daily. 
  • Children will eat lunch in their classrooms.
  • Parents are to provide lunch for children in disposable containers wherever possible.
  • Parents are to purchase hard plastic or vinyl lunch box, NO fabric.

If you have questions regarding your or your child's cafeteria account (transferring or obtaining unused funds from account balances, application status, purchase history, obtaining ID or PIN, enrollment, etc.), please be ready to provide all names, schools, and IDs along with your questions to:

Contact: Lisa Smolinsky
Phone: (215) 853-1081
Fax: 215-853-1830

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