Lunch Program

Lunch Program at Mater Dei Catholic School

North Penn School District School Nutrition Services (NPSNS) provides Mater Dei Catholic School students a hot and delicious lunch meal on a daily basis.  Monthly menus are posted on this webpage.  The program is optional.  The North Penn Lunch program will be available starting on the first full day of school.  North Penn uses a POS system, SchoolCafe,  for purchasing lunch.  The information for setting up an account is available at this webpage SchoolCafe.  PLEASE NOTE: The North Penn School Nutritional Services Free and Reduced Lunch information and application for the 2019/2020 school year is available at the following website:  North Penn School District Nutrition ServicesIf you qualify for the program the application must be submitted by October 16, 2019.

  • Parents/guardians will now be completing the *NEW* online school meal application. Please be sure to include all school age children (PreK through 8th grade) on one family application. Paper applications are available upon request.
  • Families are required to complete a new meal application at the beginning of each new school year.  Once the application is processed, the family will receive a letter indicating student’s meal eligibility  determination. Previous school year eligibility for free/reduced meal status will expire on October 16, 2019. Students without a previous status and all students who are new to the district are required to  purchase meals at full price until their application has been processed.
  • Contact School Nutrition Services if you have a current student with an existing free or reduced  eligibility and have a new student coming into North Penn SD.
  • Meal applications are available in six (6) languages.

Home & School Special Food Days Program

In addition to NPSNS, Mater Dei Catholic School sponsors hot lunches on select Fridays every month, October through June. The cost will be $6.00 per meal. Dates for the Special Food Days are located on the Calendar.  Orders and payments will be managed through SMART Tuition!  You must pre-order and prepay for the special food days.  All orders are due by the specified date. No late orders will be accepted.  The program is optional.  PLEASE NOTE: The North Penn program will not provide lunch on the special food days sponsored by Mater Dei.

Instructions for Special Food Days Ordering (PDF)

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