Nurses' Office and Health Forms

Nursing Services

We are dedicated to providing safe and effective care for your child while they are at school.  In order to do this, it is important that we have all the supplies your student requires along with the proper authorizations and instructions.

North Penn School District provides nursing services one day per week and Mater Dei Catholic School provides nursing services on the remaining days of the week.

Contact:  Phone: 215-368-0995 x107      Email:

The nurse provides:

  • first aid, assists students who are not feeling well and administers routine medications
  • checks height and weight of students in all grades
  • Scoliosis screening for children in seventh (6th/7th) grade
  • Vision screening and auditory testing per state mandates
  • Insures that physical and dental examinations are performed per state mandates (Examinations can be performed by your personal health provider or by a professional provided by the North Penn School District)

Health Exams Required:

  • Pre-K students – Need physical examination (dental is preferred but optional)
  • Students entering Kindergarten – Need dental and physical examinations
  • First grade students new to the school – Need dental and physical examinations
  • Students in grades 3 and 7 – Dental examination (will accept 2nd or 6th grade dentals)
  • Students in grade 6 – Physical examination (will accept 5th grade physical)
  • Immunizations – Records verifying up-to-date immunizations are required for ALL students.



  • Students may NOT carry any type of prescription or over the counter medication in school.
  • If a student needs to take medication during the school day a parent/guardian must bring the medication to the nurse’s office in the original container, with student’s name (prescription & OTC) Note:  Request two bottles from pharmacy – one for home & one for school.
  • OTC medications require a parent’s signature on the “Request for School to Administer Medications” form. (Form available for download below) Physician signature is also required if medication is to be administered for more than 1 week.  Students must provide their own Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, cough drops, antacids, etc.  Families with more than one child are encouraged to send in a package/bottle with the family name written on it, however, a separate permission form is needed for each child.
  • Ibuprofen will NOT be administered to students in PreK through grade 5 without both parental and physician consent, in writing.
  • Prescription medications to be administered for more than 1 week require both a parent’s signature and the ordering physician’s signature on the “Request for School to Administer Medications” form, or MD signature on a separate note with complete instructions for administration.
  • All children requiring Inhalers, Epinephrine Pen, and/or Benadryl must have action plans with MD signature, in addition to parental consent form.
  • Inhalers – As a general rule, inhaler treatments are ordered on an “as needed” basis. However, occasionally, a student will require daily treatments for several days.  In these instances, parents must send a note to the nurse’s office, indicating this temporary change.  The written note should contain the start and end date for the daily treatments, the child’s name, complete instructions and a parent’s full signature.
  • As nurses, we cannot administer any medication that is expired or labeled incorrectly.
  • Medications must be picked up by the last day of the school year. We are not permitted to keep medications over the summer.   Medications left at the school will be discarded on, or soon after, the last day of classes.

General –

  • Children with a fever of 100.5 or higher will be sent home. The child may not return to school until he/she is fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications.  This is for the well-being of all our children, faculty and staff.
  • Suspicion of highly contagious conditions (Pink Eye, Impetigo, head lice, etc.) will be addressed immediately. The student must be removed from school as quickly as possible and seen by a physician. Speedy initiation of treatment, where indicated, will enable the student to return to school quickly.
  • Concussion Protocols: Please forward a copy of the protocol to the Nursing office as soon as possible as we also need to be aware of potential restrictions & recommendations.  This is especially important in the case of students who need to come to the Nursing office for scheduled or “as needed” rest periods. **It is also important to advise us, in writing, when the student is cleared to return to normal activities.
  • Any skilled nursing care that is requested must have a written doctor’s order, with a diagnosis. The request needs to be reasonable and medically necessary during the school day.


PDF Forms Available for Download:

Medication Policy and Dispensing Permission Form
Physical Exam Form
Dental Form

Please send the completed forms into school to the attention of the school nurse.

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