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Students need to be computer competent and develop information-age skills. These skills include the knowledge and ability to access, organize, analyze, and communicate information and data. Computers and related technologies are utilized to motivate and empower students, encourage active learning, address different learning styles, and to enrich traditional teaching styles.

The computer curriculum focuses on two (2) goals: the development of basic skills related to the use of technology and integration of technology across the curriculum. The classroom teachers and computer teacher work together to ensure that computers in the classroom are integrated into classroom instruction. Applications taught in the computer lab are guided by the whole educational program. The students have a responsibility to use the computer and related technology properly. For this reason, a technology responsible use policy is enforced. The RUP document and authorization forms for G-Suite and the iPads are listed in Section VIII of the Handbook.

Vision for a SMART Future

Mater Dei Catholic School is always planning for the future in our 21st century environment. The technology program focus is Anywhere Anytime learning as evidenced by the tools available to teachers and students throughout the day, at school and at home.

The 1:1 initiative at Mater Dei features 570 iPads in use by teachers and students:

  • Pre-Kindergarten cart to share among 4 classes
  • Kindergarten classes have their own cart
  • 9 Primary carts for grades 1, 2, and 3
  • iPads for the 4th through 8th grade iPad initiative
  • Teacher iPads

Additional Instructional tools include:

  • One computer lab with desktop computers for weekly instruction in Microsoft and Google Drive Apps
  • One lab of 30 Chromebooks for teachers and students to share
  • Three carts of 25 Chromebooks for teachers and students in Grades 4, 5, 6 and Learning Resource Rooms
  • Classrooms equipped with  teacher desktops, SMART boards and projectors

Mater Dei Catholic School  launched a new initiative "Vision for a SMART Future" in May, 2018.  Over the last year, through the support of our extended family, we have been able to purchase and install 8 new flat panel SMART Boards to further enhance our Technology Program. Our goal is to raise $25,000 in order to equip all of the classrooms with the new technology.