Home and School Association

The Mater Dei Home and School Association is an organization intended to provide teachers and parents with opportunities to learn how to become more effective in their roles. As the name of the organization suggests, it brings together the two most important influences in a child’s life: the home and the school. The main focus of the Home & School Association is to enrich the lives of our families and enhance the students’ school experience through social and fundraising events.

Mater Dei Home & School Association Bylaws

Home & School Board Job Descriptions

Home & School Association Board Members
2018 – 2019 School Year

School Principal
Diane McCaughan dmccaughan@materdeicatholic.com

Business Manager
Suzanne Verzilli sverzilli@materdeicatholic.com

Advancement Director
Grace Samanns gsamanns@materdeicatholic.com

Amy Benner jabenner7@gmail.com
Amy Mongelluzzo akmykelly@aol.com

Past President
Melissa Lombardo mlombardo14@msn.com         

Co-VP Fundraising
Jeanne Arzberger genie61052@gmail.com        
Mary Ellen Meehan memeehan7@gmail.com         

Vincie Burr camburr@gmail.com            

Elaine Mazzeo emazzeo1@yahoo.com        
Shawn Kehan (in-training) shawn.kehan@gmail.com 

Communication Co-Chairs
Kelly Bender kellybender@outlook.com        
Brian Crowe crowembs@gmail.com         
Mary Ellen Crowe crowemaryellen@gmail.com         
Corresponding Secretary
Sandy Markley smarkley1010@yahoo.com        
SCRIP Co-Chairs
Erin Johnson erinkharrington@yahoo.com        
Nicole Kovacs niko1121@msn.com             

Hospitality Co-Chairs
Diane Thompson pookeesnurses@hotmail.com     
Nicole Craig miik1791@aol.com             

Volunteer Co-Chairs
Coleen VanOsten colscol@yahoo.com            
Kelly Butler kirklandrx@comcast.net         
Pat Butler                                

Social Co-Chairs
Patti Foresto patti025@comcast.net         
Heather Timmons hmtimmons@yahoo.com        
Jerry Pickett jerry.pickett@comcast.net        

Homeroom Parent Chairs
Janine & Pete Afflerbach afflerfamily@comcast.net        

Teacher Reps
Mrs. Lister  slister@materdeicatholic.com
Mrs. McCormick cemccormick@materdeicatholic.com
Ms. Tornetta mtornetta@materdeicatholic.com 

Fr. Chung
Msgr. Tracy
Msgr. Graham

Volunteer Opportunities at various events throughout the school year can be found here:  Sign Up Genius