Birthday Book Club

This year, we will continue the tradition of the  “Birthday Book” program. By donating a book, you can create a lasting memory of your child’s birthday or any important event. At the same time, you help us expand and update Mater Dei’s library collection. It is a great opportunity to teach your child about the joy of giving, and the donated book will live on our shelves for years to come. Here’s how the program works:

  • STEP ONE:  Select a book from our Wish List which appears on Use this link: Birthday Book Club. You may purchase the book elsewhere, but it must be hardcover, and it must be brand-new. 
  • STEP TWO:  Once you find a book to purchase, please have the book shipped to your address. On the day of your child’s birthday your child will bring the book to school and give it to your child’s teacher.  
  • STEP THREE:  During the next few weeks, the book will be processed for circulation, and a bookplate will be affixed inside the book to acknowledge your child’s special event or the reason for the donation. Your child will be given the opportunity to be the first person to check out the book.

REASONS TO DONATE:  Your child may donate to celebrate his or her own birthday. If your child has a summer birthday, celebrate your child’s half birthday or anytime throughout the year. Your child may want to celebrate a holiday, receiving a sacrament, or a personal achievement.