The Mater Dei Catholic School STREAM Lab is based on the “Maker Movement.” The “Maker Movement” is designed to allow a student-centered approach in the areas of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

The STREAM Lab allows for students to flourish in an environment where they tinker, create, invent, build, and interact with each other within the curriculum. Students will build confidence in their capabilities and explore the world they live in to develop an attitude to fix, make, change, modify, and customize their world.

See what the students accomplish when working in the Stream Lab.

1st graders test strength of their straw bridge

1st Keva

1st graders build bridges with straws.

1st Jenga

2nd graders use tissue paper strips to create a picture.

second graders make aluminum boats to hold hearts.

2nd graders make colorful butterflies with tissue paper.

Second graders build heart mountains to withstand a breath wind.

3rd graders build bridges with toothpicks and marshmallows.

third graders test strength of different wood layers

3rd graders test the strength of the marshmallow bridge.

third graders test effectiveness of many layers

4th graders simulate bird beaks and see what type of food they can pick up.

fourth create wind mobiles

4th graders see why certain beaks work for the diet of the bird.

fourth graders masks

5th graders decorate flower pots for Mother's Day.

fifth graders chemical reaction

5th graders make flower pots ready for fresh plants.

fifth grade

6th graders attempt to create a platform.

sixth graders towel designs

6th graders find the materials difficult to work with.

sixth graders

7th graders dissect chicken wings.

eighth graders

7th graders study muscles and bones using chicken wings.

eighth graders

8th graders start work on their shark tank project.

8th graders make projects geared to improve life.

seventh graders put together city buildings
Maureen Kerr

Mrs. Kerr

I am a product of 18 years of Catholic education.  I attended St. Louis Elementary School in Yeadon, Delaware County.  I completed my high school education at Villa Maria Academy in Malvern. Immaculata College was the school where I received a Bachelor’s degree.  My graduate work was completed at Villanova university.  I worked in the pharmaceutical field doing kidney research for seven years before starting a family.  I have been the comptroller of a small company for the past 47 years. I am the proud parent of 4 children – 2 boys and 2 girls.  I started at St. Stanislaus as the first computer teacher.  I taught 2 programming languages for 3 years.  Then I moved into the eighth grade. During the first 5 years of Mater Dei I taught in the 7th and 8th grades. This, the seventh year of Mater Dei,  will be my second year as the coordinator of the activities in the Stream and Science labs for grades 1 through 8.