Our Philosophy

Mater Dei Catholic School is a community of faith.  In partnership with parents, Mater Dei instills a strong faith formation and pride in our Catholic heritage.  Guided by a clearly communicated mission, our school embraces a Catholic Identity, rooted in Gospel values and centered on the Eucharist in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment.

Our Philosophy - image of children in classroom

Our Expectations

Mater Dei Catholic School sets high standards for student academic achievement through differentiated instruction, utilizing evolving technology in context, inspiring students to become life-long learners and responsible Catholic citizens.  We are committed to the use of technology, in various and emerging formats, as a means of instruction as well as a method of obtaining information and presenting knowledge.  A rigorous curriculum and use of technology combine to provide various platforms for students and teachers to express the results of what is learned in a collaborative, creative, and communicative environment using critical thinking skills.

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Programs Offered

PreK 3 and 4 year olds – three or five half days; three or five full days
Kindergarten –  five half days or five full days
Grades 1 through 8
Academic Resource Centers
– Primary (grades 1-4) and Middle (grades 5-8)
Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Technology
– Before and After School Care

Programs Offered - Image of students praying