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Doors open on Thursdays at 5:00 PM.

Who Is Mater Dei Bingo?

Mater Dei Bingo is a licensed non-profit school fundraiser that operates a weekly BINGO every Thursday night at Mater Dei Catholic School in the school’s cafeteria and gym.  BINGO is hosted by volunteers who assist the school to work the BINGO.  Mater Dei Catholic School is located at 493 Main Street in Lansdale PA, where the doors open at 5 pm.   Our mission is to support the education of the students attending Mater Dei Catholic School where all generated proceeds go directly to Mater Dei Catholic School. We are a vibrant, premier Bingo game provider and have been operational for close to 50 years strong in Montgomery County. Our volunteers are committed to servicing players who come each week to play Bingo.

What Does Mater Dei Bingo Do?

We have fun playing BINGO.  Specifically, the program consists of the following Bingo Games:

    • 20 Regular Games of Bingo with a regular $72 Payout
    • 3 Special Progressive Jackpots with a $1,000 Maximum Payout - $100 Minimum Payout
    • Weekly Coverall with a $500 Minimum Payout
      • If won in 50 numbers or less, the regular Payout is $1,000
    • Weekly Letter  ‘X’ with a Constant $200 Minimum Payout
    • Progressive Weekly Bonanza starting at $400 Payout
      • If not won within a certain range of numbers called, moves to $100 Minimum Payout
    • Weekly Lightning Game - Ranges from $200 - $300 in Payout

How Do We Play?

An Admissions team sells the following BINGO packages to players who are older than 18 years of age beginning at 5 pm each Thursday:

There is a Basic $8 Lap Board package where it is suggested to play up to 4 three-faced lapboards with chips.  Bingo enthusiasts have expanded up to 6 boards to play in the past.  The paper versions of both the 3 Special Progressive Jackpots and the Weekly Letter ‘X’ are included in the admission price.  Not included in the paper Weekly Coverall, that must be purchased separately.  Add in either a $3 or $5 Weekly Jackpot Coverall Bingo paper card and you can play Bingo affordably for less than $15 for the night.

“Let the Computer Do the Work!” --- $30, $40, or $50 all-inclusive packages are available.  Some players prefer the idea of playing multiple Bingo Cards via the use of a Bingo Machine.

 Here is what you get per computer price point –

    • $30 Bingo Machine – plays 45 Bingo Boards per Bingo game. 
      • The boards are played for the regular games of Bingo, the 3 Special Progressive Jackpots, The Weekly Coverall, and the Weekly Letter ‘X’. 
      • It also plays One Gold Card.
    • $40 Bingo Machine – plays 60 Bingo Boards per game.
      •  The boards are played for the regular games of Bingo, the 3 Special Progressive Jackpots, The Weekly Coverall, and the Weekly Letter ‘X’.
      •  It also plays Three Gold Cards.
    • $50 Bingo Machine – plays 80 Bingo Boards per game. 
      • The boards are played for the regular games of Bingo, the 3 Special Progressive Jackpots, The Weekly Coverall, and the Weekly Letter ‘X’. 
      • It also plays Five Gold Cards.

The Bingo Machine itself can be tailored to a player’s preference.  Some of the Computer features are:

  • The player can select how many cards will display (2 to 6). 
  • The computer will always display the cards that are most likely to win for the player to view.
  • It highlights the next number needed for a Bingo win, when down to a single number for a BINGO.
  • It will sing a short version of a cheer or song when the player does have a Bingo. 
  • Gold cards played in the Computer will flash the word ‘MAX’ when a player wins on the Gold Card that is played in the computer. 
  • The computer also has its own number board to show what numbers have been called during the course of a BINGO game.

May I Buy More Bingo Cards?

Yes, there are extras that can be purchased at Mater Dei Bingo.

    • Extra Bingo Cards:
      • Players may purchase additional lapboards for $1 per board.
      • Players may purchase special additional lapboards called Gold Cards for $2 per board.
      • Mater Dei Bingo offers a lapboard version of Gold Cards and if a machine package is purchased, the player has the option of either playing the Gold Cards in the computer OR keep them out of the computer and play the lapboard version.  Gold cards are played during the regular games only and offer an additional payout of $72 if won on a gold card.
      • Players may purchase additional “Specials” 
        • $1 for a 4 face paper sheets of the 3 Special Progressive Jackpots and the Weekly Letter ‘X’
        • $2 for a 8 face paper sheets of the 3 Special Progressive Jackpots and the Weekly Letter ‘X’
        • $3 for a 16 face paper sheet for the Weekly Coverall Jackpot
        • $5 for a 24 face paper sheet for the Weekly Coverall Jackpot


      • Solid Color Specials – Each Special Progressive Jackpot, the Weekly Coverall, and the Weekly Letter ‘X’ has its own color code.  Solids are only sold by the Floorwalkers a few games prior to the Special Bingo Event.  They only differ from the Specials sold at the admission time in that the entire card is the assigned color of the game whereas the non-solid special only reflects the color around the bingo card boarders. The color scheme and pricing is as follows:
        • Game 5                 Blue                       Round Robin                      $.50
        • Game 10              Orange                 Upright Letter ‘E’              $.50
        • Game 15              Brown                   Weekly Coverall                $1.00
        • Game 20              Green                   Top 3 Lines                         $.50
        • Game 25              Yellow                   Weekly Letter ‘X’              $1.00


    • Extra Bingo Accessories are Sold:
        • Dabbers (for paper games only)                 $1
        • Magnetic Chips                                                 $2
        • Wands                                                                  $2
        • Tape                                                                      $1
        • You may rent a box of chips for play on the hard lapboards for $2.  Your $2 rental is returned to you at the end of the night when the chip boxes are collected after the final Regular Bingo Game is played.

Purchases of Admissions and Extra Accessories stop at 7 pm to allow for late Bingo player arrivals.

What Other BINGO Fun Features Are Hosted By Mater Dei Bingo?

Mater Dei Bingo also operates with small games of chance license to enable and support BINGO.  The general time frame of the fun features takes place from the start of Admission Sales at 5 pm through the start of BINGO at 6:45 pm.   

    • Bingo is started with a separate Progressive Bonanza Game at 6:45 pm.  The Bonanza Game is a paper coverall, where 50 balls are pre-pulled.  Prior to the start of Bingo, once you purchase a Bonanza card, you dab those 50 numbers on the card. When the caller begins the Mater Dei Bingo session for the evening, he/she will start by calling the 51st number and will keep pulling additional balls until someone has covered their card and yelled BINGO. 
      • The prize amount awarded depends on how fast the coverall is reached.  The maximum prize for a Bonanza coverall starts at $400 and it progresses downward to a minimum payout of $100.
      • Highlights of the Bonanza Game include the ability to discard and purchase-trade up for more Bonanza Cards before the game begins. The cost of the first Bonanza card is $.50.
      • Bonanza is an early-bird game to enable BINGO players to prepare for the rest of the evening’s action.  Bonanza Cards are for sale from 5 pm to 6:35 pm.


    • Bonus Board Bingo is another early game where boxes of 150 $1 chances are sold.  The goal is to purchase the winning ticket to select a monetary prize that ranges from $50 to $250 from the Bonus Bingo Board.  Only one winner per box of 150 chances/tickets.  When one box is completely sold, a new box is opened.  Usually, three or four boxes are sold from 5 pm to 6:15 pm which allows for three or four winners of cash.  Bonus Board Bingo Winners are announced and awarded by 6:30 pm.


    • Mater Dei sells BINGO Balls, which are pull tab tickets that will award an additional cash payout during our Special Games.  In essence, you are playing a little side game when a special bingo game is being played.  The Payout is determined by the rules of the game of chance per box sold.  Each pull-tab ticket costs $1.  Each Box of pull tabs has a unique game of chance behind it with a limited number of winning combinations possible per box.   Examples of the pull tab denominations can be $300 or $500 Bingo Ball or a $599 Downline.
      • Mater Dei normally sells 7-8 Boxes of pull tabs per Bingo Session. 
      • Sales of the Pull tabs begin between 4:45-4:50 pm on a first-come-first-serve basis.
      •  No pull tabs are reserved for any player coming in late. 
      • In order to play the game of chance indicated by the pull tab box, the full box of pull tabs MUST be sold. 
      • In order to purchase pull tabs, a player must be older than 18 years old, must purchase a Bingo Package and must stay to play Bingo that evening. 
      • Only Bingo Players can purchase pull tabs; No working BINGO volunteer may purchase pull tabs for personal gain.


    • Lightening Pull Tabs are tickets that usually contain up to 5 Bingo Numbers to play. 
      • Every Lighting pull tab is playable.  Most players limit themselves to purchasing a small number of Lightening Pull tabs to ease their ability to play them. 
      • Our Lightening Game is normally played immediately after intermission on its own merits.
      • They go on sale at 5:30 pm on a first-come-first-serve basis.  
      • In order to play Lightening, a player must be older than 18 years old and the full box of Lightning pull tabs MUST be sold.  


    • Every week a Special Variation of a Bingo Game is offered.  These special variations are listed on a Quarterly Special Handout available at the Admissions table every weekly Bingo session.  Examples of Bingo Game Special of the Night variations include a small lift in the payout of a specific Bingo game, a second chance win for the Weekly coverall of $100, a free lightning ticket, or door prizes to celebrate an occasional holiday. 


    • Mater Dei Bingo is proud to offer a cafeteria service that sells a comfort food menu for a snack or a dinner.  Prices range from $1.00 for soda, bottled water or iced tea to $4.00 or $5.00 for an entrée, like hamburgers or meatball sandwiches.  A weekly menu is posted outside the kitchen of the cafeteria.  The hours of the Kitchen are 5 pm to 6:45 pm.  Coffee, Hot Tea, and Water are free.


    • Based on the number of attending players each weekly Bingo session, a few $8 Admission Packages are awarded as FREE Admissions each week for use at a future Bingo Session.  The winners are pulled, lottery-style, from the portion of the Mater Dei Admission ticket that is retained by the Admission staff for the evening.
      • If players keep their old admission ticket stubs, on the last Thursday of each month, they can enter into a monthly drawing for a $10 cash prize.  Normally 4 Cash prizes are given out on the last Bingo Thursday of each month.


    • Our Expected Timeline is as follows (Times provided are estimated):
      • 5 pm to 6:45 pm--- Sales of Bingo Cards, Pull Tabs, Small Games of Chance, and Dinner.  A time of preparation, relaxation, and socialization for the players.
      • 6:45 pm to roughly 8:15-8:30 pm-ish – Bonanza, 14 Games of Bingo including 2 Special Progressive are played.
      • 10 Minute Intermission – Final boxes of Pull Tabs sold for later Specials.
      • 8:40 pm to 10 pm- 10:15 pm-ish – Start with Free Admission Awards to signal End of intermission, Play Lightning, continue to play the last 11 Games of Bingo including 3 Special Progressives.


 Where Can I Get More Information About Mater Dei Bingo?

Mater Dei Bingo is committed to providing a unique, fun Bingo experience for players who are older than 18 years of age.  All are welcome to come and play every Thursday night.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail mdbingo1@outlook.com at Mater Dei Catholic School.  Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate volunteer Bingo expert.  Please allow a 24 hr to 48 hr turnaround response time.  

Mater Dei Catholic School

Mary, Be Our Vision as we develop the values of Faith, Excellence, Service, and Community.




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